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Stone Silver Bracelet

Amastrin bracelet with green agate, fluorite and amethyst ...
1,173 SAR
Ex Tax:1,173 SAR
Amazonite bracelet with garnet, amber and green agate. ..
1,035 SAR
Ex Tax:1,035 SAR
Amber bracelet with aquamarine, pearl, coral, amethyst and kyanite..
1,334 SAR
Ex Tax:1,334 SAR
Amethyst bracelet with malachite, jasper, red agate, green agate, aquamarine and pink quartz...
1,150 SAR
Ex Tax:1,150 SAR
gold coral bracelet with red agate and coke  ..
1,014 SAR
Ex Tax:1,014 SAR
Green agate bracelet with pearles, jasper, orange and yellow agate...
1,058 SAR
Ex Tax:1,058 SAR
Moon stone  , blue agate , cherry quarts and amethyst bracelet..
1,380 SAR
Ex Tax:1,380 SAR
Moon stone , Lapis , Iiolite turquoise , Rhodochrosite and pink quarts bracelet..
1,472 SAR
Ex Tax:1,472 SAR
opal bracelet with lapis , malachite , red and green agate ..
1,357 SAR
Ex Tax:1,357 SAR
pearl bracelet  with green agate and coke wood..
897 SAR
Ex Tax:897 SAR
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